Tiny Cruise on the Odet river

Enjoy Mother Nature !

Come onboard the vedettes de l’Odet company, and discover the region of your holidays. The Odet River, is the link between two countries : the Bigouden and the Fouesnantais country. Passing under the Cornwalls bridge, trully helps us to understand the meaning of « country », and the historic past between the two of them.

During the cruise, sean and river birds will escort you, crossing the riverbank and dancing in the sky. You will enjoy the egret grace, the solitary heron, and the dancing terns, real sea swallows. The most luckiest of you may sea a kingfisher, dipping and searching for its prey.

Passing by the riverbank, you will see a succession of rhododendrons, azaleas, oak trees, pine trees and other arboreal species, which broat some glow to this thick forest, where tales take place.

Our guide, live comments the river’s life. Its castles and other charming houses, its fauna and flora ; its forgotten stories will bring you until Rosulien’s manor. The Bonnets Rouge revolving, the Perennou’s oyster park, or the Kerbirinic Manor, will no longer have secrets for you !

the Ideal Cruise for Families

The Tiny Cruise on the Odet River is the ideal formula for families with young children. The cruise lasts around 1 hour, which is enought for the little curious. The departures are well adapted to the youngest who can rest a little bit before boarding, like a true Vedettes de l’Odet Captain. The boat is available for trollers, and will happily welcome all the members of your tribe !

Immediate boarding

Departure frop Benodet from 8th July till 25th August 2019
10.30am   From Wednesday to Friday
5.30pm    Check the dates

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