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Nature in the spotlight
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Exceptional destinations

Glenan Islands

The Glenan Islands, the insular experience

6 cruises

Fine sandy beaches, turquoise waters, islets dotted in the middle of the ocean: just an hour's crossing from the mainland, experience the incredible lagoon effect of Brittany's Caribbean.

Odet river

River Odet, the Belle Bretonne

3 cruises

Wooded banks, charming houses just above the water's edge, seabirds flying overhead, changing lights with the tides: the River Odet invites you to enjoy a unique show of nature.

Concarneau Bay

Concarneau Bay, the blue city at your fingertips

2 cruises

Discover Concarneau's maritime and port history, feel the lively atmosphere of the quayside, admire the ramparts of the Ville Close from the sea: Take in the sea air with this 180° ocean view!