Submarine Vision Exploration

Your program : Round trip, free-time stop-over on the island of Saint Nicolas, guided boat tour of the islands and discovery of the ocean floor around the islands in the “Capitaine Némo” submarine‑vision catamaran.

Have you ever thought about discovering the ocean depths?  “Vedettes de l’Odet” offer you the possibility of making your dream come true with a “Submarine-Vision Exploration” cruise!

If you would like to learn more about sea life without diving, “Vedettes de l’Odet” have created a fascinating and unique cruise! Come aboard our amazing catamaran and admire the beauty of the Atlantic ocean! If you choose this option, you are sure to spend a memorable time with friends or family!

On your way, you will come across numerous creatures living in the ocean: all sorts of fish, jellyfish and starfish amid the sea spaghetti seaweed, the list goes on! The most fortunate might meet a dolphin or two! The beauty of the undersea landscapes will amaze you and leave you spellbound!

Lastly, you will be joined by an enthusiastic guide with a passion for the Glénan Islands who will share all there is to be known about the surrounding sea life!

Departures for the Submarine-Vision Exploration tour are organized from all ports in July and August.

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