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Terms of sales

Last update 08/08/2023

1/ Responsabilities

The responsibility of the shipping company is governed by the laws of June 18th, 1966 N°67-5 of January 3rd, 1967 and the decree N°66-1078 of December 31st, 1966.

The “Les Vedettes de l’Odet” shipping company shall not be held responsible in the case of modification to schedules or cancellation of departures due to force majeure (poor weather conditions, damage, passenger influx, and others).

The quality of the service, as well as the beauty of the landscapes and the sea bed, depend on the weather conditions. The duration of the crossings is indicated to passengers exclusively for information purposes and may vary according to the ships.

In  order to board, all passengers, including children under 3 years old or people travelling free of charge, must be in possession of a ticket provided by the “Vedettes de l’Odet” shipping company. In the event of checks carried out in a branch or onboard, any passenger in possession of a discount ticket must be able to present his/her personal documentary proof. In the absence of valid documentary proof, the passenger will have to pay the full price of the ticket.

During boarding and landing, the responsibility of the Company is limited, under any circumstances, exclusively during the period when the passengers or their goods are under its direct control aboard ships, that is to say excluding all public installations such as slipways.

Some of our ships have been developed to ensure the transport of people with impaired mobility under the best conditions of comfort and safety. Please note that the services or equipment we provide may be limited: high doorsteps, steep staircases, etc. In addition, the harbour structures are not always adapted to the boarding of disabled passengers. We advise you to contact us in order to make clear your needs so that we can recommend the best possibilities.

2/  Groups

Group rates are applicable from 20 paying persons traveling together. Fares include the following taxes: harbor dues, use taxes and TPM (Passenger Fee to Protected Areas). A free companion is granted for 20 paying persons.  The deposit of 30% is to be paid upon booking. The balance will be paid on the day of the service at the latest.

3/ Prices

The prices indicated are subject to changes in taxation, various taxes, a significant variation in the price of fuels during the year.

4/ Luggages

Two items of hand luggage are allowed per person. Hand luggage is a way of transporting your personal effects. The packaging may be a bag (overnight bag, backpack), a suitcase or a package fitted with a handle. Handling must be easy. They are kept by the passenger throughout the whole crossing. Boxes, trunks, or parcels are not considered as hand luggage. They are considered as goods and will be treated as specified in the transport conditions.

5/ Animals

Animals travel under the responsibility of their owners and exclusively after payment of a ticket. Dogs must be kept on a lead and cannot sit or lie on seats. They are not authorized on the beaches of the Glénan archipelago by prefectural decree. Cats or other small animals must travel in baskets (or boxes). The  “Vedettes de l’Odet” shipping company may refuse aboard its ships any animal whose behaviour might disturb passengers.

6/ Booking

You are strongly recommended to reserve your cruise 24 hours in advance. Cruise bookings are free, and can be made by phone, or on our website, in our branches and with our retailers. The reservation is made with payment (deposit or whole payment). By booking online on our website, the customer is likely to receive offers and good plans from Vedettes de l’Odet by email or SMS. If he does not wish it, he lets us know by mail 

7/ Modification and cancellation conditions

Modification of the reservation is free, possible until 2 hours before departure, and depends on our availabilities up to departure. Electronic tickets (not printed and not used) are cancelled automatically and available again 20 minutes before departure.

Tickets are refundable exclusively in the event of force-majeure or cancellation of the cruise. If the Company cancels the cruise, your tickets are refundable. If you decide to cancel your cruise – a minimum of 2 hours before the initial departure time – the Company will refund 80% of the total amount of the booking. Your refund request must be justified (death notice, medical proof) to be supported. The weather conditions do not constitute a case of force-majeure justifying a request for a refund.

The front office staff are not allowed to make refunds. Requests for refunds must be made by post to head office at “Les Vedettes de l’Odet – service remboursement – BP 8 – 29950 Bénodet”, within 15 days from the date of the cruise with this refund request form enclosed and proof.

No refund can be made after the departure of the boat without having previously notified.

8/ Conditions for extending validity

Dated cruise bookings are valid for a specific date, timetable departure and port departure.
Gift vouchers and gift boxes are valid for a maximum of 6 months, from April to September, for the current season.
Any request for extension of validity to the following season will be invoiced at €5 per person whatever the prestation. It will be possible to request an extension only for the following season. The customer will pay the extending validity and the price increase when he will choose the new date departure cruise.

9/ Municipal decree of 08/08/2023 consent

As of August 8th, 2023 till August, 11th 2023, a municipal decree issued on the recommendation of the ARS prohibits swimming on the site of the Glénan archipelago due to an excessive concentration of bacteria. Access to the beaches as well as the practice of nautical activities (kayaks, windsurfing boards and other beach gear) remain authorized.
Any customer who made a reservation from 08/08/2023 to 11/08/2023, agrees to be informed of this decree and purchases a service with knowledge of it being taken into account and accepted by the buyer. No refund may be requested.

Société d’exploitation des Vedettes de l’Odet – SAS au capital de 100 000 euros. RCS 383 728 649. N° de gestion 91 B 462 – N° TVA intracommunautaire : FR 473 837 286 490 0013 – Etablissement habilité tourisme par Atout France IM 029 21 00 01

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